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Effective Link Building Strategies for Marketing in 2019-20
27 May 2022

Link building is the process to get links from other websites to your own website. Link building is an important factor that determines which site will rank more and for which keyword. It also helps in generating more revenue for your business because the ranking of your page will depend on how many quality links you have made on your page.

Below we explain some foolproof strategies that will help you execute your link building strategies to get the ultimate results to grow your business.


Choose keywords wisely

To maximize the profit from your link building methods, you need to do something new that can amaze people to link with it. You have to create content with the evergreen and demanding keywords that audiences search more.

Also, try to use these topics in your title and anchor text. Now you can find the top-ranking sites with this content and you will gain benefit from them by building backlinks in your content.


Guest Posting

Guest posting is not new in link building strategies, but it is still very effective to rank your pages in google indexing. You can start guest blogging by selecting the services that are related to your niche. For guest blogging, you must choose the websites that are already ranked higher on Google. By asking them to accept your guest blogs in exchange for links to your directed webpages, you can improve list building.


Show Infographics

Infographics are helpful to increase link building traffic. According to the statistics, infographics generate quick attention in the human brain because they believe in visual content more than other text. One can easily be clicked by infographics as it is the most creative way to attract leads.


Internal Link Building

It is a quick and simple link building method as it carries very little risk. In this, complete control is in your hands as you can use anchor text that you want to use. You can do better in internal linking by linking one of your web pages to another having the same domain name.

Internal links help you drive more traffic, allows a user to navigate a website and establish a site architecture.


Check Broken Links

When we click on any link and it shows the error or refers to 404 error pages with no content, these types of links are called broken links.

Broken link building is one of the simplest strategies of link building. For this, you have to find out pages with more broken links of known websites and contact them to ask if they would like to use your webpages links in the place of those broken links. In this way, you’ll get more opportunities because you will get positive responses from people.


Find and Use Expired Domains

One can improve link building by using old domains because expired domains have a great backlink profile with higher relevancy to your niche rather than to a new one. Many users’ use expired but authentic and relevant domains as these can be linked easily and you can get huge traffic for your website.

You only need to find out the right domain and you can do this by using the various tools available. You can build powerful backlinks with great backlinks profiles.


By adopting the above tactics, you can maximize your profit. These are helpful for all types of business; you only need to execute them effectively.

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